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Research and Development

    In engineering center this new organization and management mode, the comprehensive university with multidisciplinary blending and the enterprise of gold production and application is closely united. By fully using the capability of marketing and service network of the enterprises, the various technological achievements related gold industrial applications can be promoted quickly, industrialized rapidly, and scaled largely, thus firstly making mutual promotion nationwide between the scientific research units and enterprises in gold industrial application, shortening the cycle of scientific research achievements into productive forces, promoting the healthy development of gold industry applications.

I. The overall goal

1). Gold catalysts applied in the chemical process and environmental protection as well safety protection.
2.) New gold materials for the electronics industry, national defense industry
3). New Au-containing materials for biological medicine.
4). Contribute to the industrialization of new type of gold products
5). Personnel training in professional technology
6). Cultivate master and doctoral candidates through Inter-university cooperation and cooperation between colleges and enterprises.

II. The main task

1) Applied research and development of gold catalysts
2) Gold and its alloy functional materials
3) The application and development of nanogold in biomedicine
4) Middle-scale magnification and pilot -production of the related technologies
5) Provide solutions for the technical problems encountered by the gold enterprises in extend the industrial chain
6) Carry out various kinds of domestic and international cooperation and exchanges, the technology introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, accepted at home and abroad related personnel to carry out achievements for industrialization and scientific research.

III. Current projects

1 The key projects

1) The Research and development of gold catalysts for CO2 laser
2) Standardized fabrication and market development of nobel metal nanomaterials

2 Small projects

1) Synthesis of gold chlorine complexes related to chlorophyll and their anticancer activities
2) Non-Ti-containing materials as the support of gold catalysts for one-step clean synthesis of propene oxide in gaseous phase
3) Analysis and recovery of trace precious metals in gold tailings
4) Au/zeolites catalyst for maximizing propylene yield in catalytic cracking
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