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Center Introduction
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     Approved by the Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province, Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology (Au-SDARC) was formally established in April 2011. It is jointly sponsored by Shandong Zhaojin Group Co. Ltd. and Yantai University, and participated by Yantai Gold Administration Bureau and Shandong University. By integrating gold mining, production, research and development as a whole, Au-SDARC has significant regional advantage at its birth. It also shows strong will to take a lead in blazing a new road for industrial application of gold in China.

     Au-SDARC is currently focusing on investigating novel gold materials and their related new technologies for various applications. One successful example is our proprietary catalyst (YD-2) has been commercialized by a Chinese company for use in CO removal gas-masks. Two main projects are currently on the way with one focusing on the application of high performance Au catalysts for usage in sealed CO2 lasers, and the other one emphasizing the scale-up production of well-defined gold/silver nanomaterials for use in new technologies including touch-screens, electronics, and clean energy devices. Other projects include the application of Au catalysts in propylene epoxidation and glucose oxidation, and the development of new Au-based nano-medicines for use in targeted delivery and controlled drug release.

     To push the science and technology of gold utilization and shorten the time from lab to market, we eagerly welcome the individuals and companies who carry either mature products and technologies, or new ideas and concepts relating to new Au-technology to cooperate with us.

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