Guests from Zhaoyuan Economic and Information Bureau visited Au-SDARC-News advisory-Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology
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News advisory
News advisory

Guests from Zhaoyuan Economic and Information Bureau visited Au-SDARC

May 29, 2015, Lianshun Wang, director of Zhaoyuan Economic and Information (E&I) Bureau  visited Au-SDARC, along with vice director Guodong Liang, chief Yin Zhiyi of E&I Bureau, vice general manager of Zhongkuang Group Tingshuang Tang. Yantai Economic and Information committee member Zou Qiang, deputy director of Yantai Gold Bureau Zhansheng Zhu, Director of Au-SDARC Prof. Caixia   Qi, consultant of Au-SDARC Prof. Lidun An entertained the visitors warmly.

Prof. Qi introduced the industrial applications and emerging development of gold in detail, focusing on the research and development of Au catalyst of our center. Then all participants gave a discussion on the present problems in gold emerging industries and cooperation between school and enterprise.

Lianshun Wang pointed out that, to maintain the advantage of Yantai's gold industry, we must extend the gold industry chain. For this, the urgent task is the development of emerging gold industry relying on the industry-university-research cooperation.

Secretary Zou Qiang said Yantai's gold Bureau wishes to promote a deep and more comprehensive school enterprise cooperation, and would like to create a good environment and provide quality service for the development of gold industry.

    All other members of the gold center attended the meeting.

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