Professor Masatake Haruta et al. Visited Au-SDARC-News advisory-Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology
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News advisory
News advisory

Professor Masatake Haruta et al. Visited Au-SDARC

March 27, 2015, Prof. Haruta Masatake, head of Research Administration Office & Liaison Office Masataka Sakurai of Tokyo Metropolitan University, chairman of Haruta Gold Incorporated Toru Shibata, visited our lab for academic exchanges and cooperation.

First, Mr. Masataka Sakurai and Mr. Toru Shibata introduced Tokyo Metropolitan University and Haruta Gold Incorporated in general. Professor Caixia Qi gave a detail introduction of Yantai University, College of chemistry and chemical engineering, and Au-SDARC.

Subsequently, the two sides discussed the research progress of gold catalyst. Haruta Gold Incorporated is very interested in the excellent catalytic activity and stability of nanogold catalyst in our center. On the basis of in-depth understanding of the operating mode, customer base, catalyst demand and other detail of Haruta Gold Incorporated, the two sides reached a cooperation intention.

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