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News advisory
News advisory

First Announcement of 2014-TAF

  On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our privilege to invite you to attend the International Symposium on Gold Emerging Technology and Application, Taishan Academic Forum-2014 (TAF-2014). It will be held at Sept. 23-25, 2014 at Yantai, China, organized by Education Department of Shandong Province, undertaken by Yantai University with the support by Zhaojin Group Co. Ltd and World Gold Council. The selected paper will be published in the journal ofGold Bulletin.

  The forum will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of gold emerging technology. Except for the discussion of the key scientific issues on emerging gold technology in the forum, a bridge of university-enterprise cooperation will be made by inviting the leaders and technical officials from Chinese gold entrepreneurs to join us. It will provide an excellent meeting place for information exchanges and trade fair for improving R & D strength on gold nanotechnology, creating new profit growth point and raising the level of technological innovation. We would like to invite scientists, researchers, engineers, entrepreneur, policy makers, and students to this international forum to exchange idea, present new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of gold emerging technology and application.

  We hope you will have a memorable and impressive conference in the romantic city of Yantai

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