Final Report of Cooperation Project with Zhaojin Group Was Hold in Our Center-News advisory-Shandong Applied Research Centre of Gold Nanotechnology
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News advisory
News advisory

Final Report of Cooperation Project with Zhaojin Group Was Hold in Our Center

January24, 2014, final report meeting of cooperation project with Zhaojin Group Co.,Ltd. was hold in Yantai Gold Burean successfully. Participants includes vicedirector of Yantai Gold Burean, Qiang Zou; General Manager of Shandong Zhaojin GroupLtd. CO., Shousheng Li, vice managers Wenjie Song and Wenjing Luan, professorXiaoming Sun from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and members of ourcenter.

Firstly, Prof.Qi reported the R & D status of gold catalyst for closed CO2 laser with an emphasis in thebreakthrough. The project fits for the downstream user with brilliant marketprospect and the current results have completed the requirements of thecontract. A written report was submitted too. 

Subsequently, Prof. Yi Ding from Shandong University gave a report entitled “Research anddevelopment of new type noble metal nanomaterials”. His group prepared seriesof noble metal nanoparticles with low cost, standardization and large scale.Prof. Ding pointed out that the industrialization of noble metal nanomaterials(especially gold and silver) is urgent. Prof. Ding also submitted a writtensummary and completed the project requirements well.

After the report, the experts evaluated our work and fully affirmedthe achievements. At last, Prof. Xiaoming Sun gave a speech entitled “Isolationof gold nanoparticles” and introduced their successful implementation inseparation of gold nanoparticles with different scales by concentration gradientmethod. This achievement is of great significance in investigating theproperties and carrying forward industrial application of goldnanoparticles. 

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